Monday, February 02, 2009

This boy sho' does make his mama proud.

I don't quite remember why we named his green giraffe Putin. In all honesty, they don't have much in common. One is cuddly and one shoots tigers. With his bare hands. But then his little tiny giraffe came along, skinny and puppet-sized, and so Putin had his Medvedev. The names stuck. But did I think that they would stick for Lucas? Oh no sir, no no. So the other day when Lucas stretched out his arms and said "Putin" at bedtime, and then shrieked with happiness when his wish was granted, we were very surprised. Especially since we hadn't called the giraffe by name in months and months. Very strange! And now more words are coming out left and right. Twenty five of them! You probably think I'm lying. I'm not! I'm not even counting the ones that he says well but are used out of context. I'm talking twenty five bonafide words. Would it be fun for you to try and guess them? Probably not, right? How about just the English words, maybe? There are five of them. Go to it! (Or not. If you want, check out Putin being tough instead. Oooh. So cool.)


mark and monsita! said...

I much prefer the cuddly putin anytime. And let me tell you, Lucas rocks!!!!

Anonymous said...

Do names count in the 5 words or is more objects & commands?

The Goodfellas said...

i believe it is all nouns, names excluded :)

Anonymous said...

With his bare hands? I cannot believe it!

Saleh sin Barba

missy said...

that lucas!
i love him.