Monday, April 27, 2009

Flaco would have done it better.

For Kelly's birthday I decided to make her a decadent homemade chocolate cake, the recipe of which called for methods of baking far beyond my skill level. (Matt was sure that I would finish the recipe and then turn the page and find a paper that said "Surprise! You have completed a potion to raise the dead!") I had to fold and stir and whip and cream some six bowls at once, and at one point the batter was supposed to double in size while I beat it in a glass bowl placed on top of a boiling pot of water. The batter was like this incredible meringue that smelled like Heaven, and all that was left was to bake it. At last! I greased the pans and as I turned to pour out the bowl, what did I discover but that the batter was bubbling bubbling bubbling and deflating deflating deflating 'til it was nothing but liquid. When I poured it out, it barely covered the bottom of the pans! What could I do but bake it? Twenty minutes later, each layer came out a round, hard, swiss-cheese textured disc. I wept. Lucas looked at it and said "Cookie!" which made me weep more because he also knows the word cake. In the end, I made a box-mix which apparently tasted fine but to me tasted like nothing but bitter defeat. Does this story have a moral, you ask? Oh yes. Here it is: if your son has a smart little baker's suit*, you should just let him do the baking.
*I assume, of course, that you do not have a son who has a baker's suit, therefore limiting this moral to myself. I can only assume that you bake delightfully. :)


Anonymous said...

Oh Jenny, I'm so sorry about your cake but your story is very funny! Recently I decided to make homemade, organic applesauce.

I bought a lot of really expensive organic apples and peeled, cored and sliced. I'd been saving our applesauce jars for the occasion and had about 12 or them ready.

After several hours of peeling, cooking, slicing, straining, straining, straining and straining yet again because it looked lumpy and weird I had enough applesauce to almost fill one jar. So sad!

Alex loved it and asked me to do it everyday. Not a chance! Better luck next time!


The Goodfellas said...

ha!! did it at least taste better than normal applesauce?

Anonymous said...

Alex said it did, but he's extremely nice and loyal. I thought maybe it didn't but part of me wants to believe that after all that money and work maybe, just maybe, it was a little better!

The Goodfellas said...

well, better to have an extremely nice son and mediocre applesauce than the other way around!! ;)

is it true you might be coming this summer? that would be so fun. :)

Anonymous said...

Awww, too bad about your "cookie". I'm sure it meant a lot to Kelly that you tried something extraordinary for her special day, but hey, chocolate cake is chocolate cake I say, whether it's from a box or not. :)

Sweet picture of Chef Lucas & Kelly!


Anonymous said...

I agree that the nice son is better than nice applesauce!

I'd really like to try and get out there this summer but I'm not sure. We have some free flights but I may need to give them to my mom to come and stay with us when Cassie has surgery next month.

But if not, I'm definitely going to try for a long weekend, maybe bringing Alex. Keep your fingers crossed because I really want to meet your little girl!