Thursday, April 09, 2009

Give him his knapsack! He's off!

Now this is just altogether too much. Maybe you think my bragging has reached its peak. Maybe you think I have gone too far. Let me tell you something (I'm almost embarrassed to say it -- oh, who am I kidding. It's too rich!) Today I translated for 4K (four year old kindergarten) screening and get this: my little Boo would have passed 3 of the 5 tests! He would have!
Now it's not like I'm saying he's Doogie Hauser (his hair is not even curly) but what I am saying is this: If he keeps this up, he's headed far in life. And if he doesn't, he'll sure as heck pass kindergarten. He sure as heck will!


Anonymous said...

Oh Little Boo! If you do pack your knapsack be sure to head our way!!! We have ice cream!!! Love you Abuela Alta

Brian and/or Megan said...

He looks so tall!!

Anonymous said...

Can that boy ever run! You should try to catch him when he gets outside...he just looks over his shoulder and laughs while his hair is blowing back in the wind!!!


The Goodfellas said...

yes, sometimes i think he's so big! (especially in pictures like this) and then at night when i scoop him up and he curls in my arms to drink his milk and gazes up with those big brown eyes just like he always has, i can only see him as a baby. :)