Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Her room looks like sherbert!

Or like fruit punch!
Many things to do before little Lentejita (not her name of course) is born: Matt is working on writing her lullaby and I must finish her painting. I'm halfway through my seventh month which means she'll be here in no time! I can't wait to meet her and cuddle her and dress her up in frills and comb her hair and lay her on a blanket under the apple tree!


Anonymous said...

Under the apple tree? Do you not believe in gravity? Lovely though, just lovely.

Mr. Weatherbee

Anonymous said...

I like the sweater Jenny! BG

The Goodfellas said...

haha, yes, i wrote that and then remembered my black eye! maybe no apple tree for Lentil! :)

ps. yes, the sweater stretches nicely!

Anonymous said...

So cute! How about laying her on a blanket under the big maple tree then? That's a perfect place for a little frilly girl to take a nice afternoon nap. :)


kel said...

looks beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!

laurie said...

I can't wait to visit this summer!!! I very much love the colors.