Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Oye Flaco, como es la vida?

"Dura" contesta el.
(My new favorite thing he says: you ask him "Hey skinny, what is life like?" and he says "Hard.") One day my dad was holding him, and then he had to go back out to work, so he put him down. Oh, how he cried! How the tears rolled! I scooped him and said "Oh Flaco, that's just how life is. It's very hard" and my babyboy in his wisdom seemed to understand, and sniffled, and said "dura." Ever since then he's remembered this important lesson, which seems to make even taking medicine a little more bearable for him. "Dura, dura" he says. When I accidentally slide both of his legs into one pant leg and don't notice until he tumbles? Uy, dura.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful little fella. He does take everything in stride! Cute picture! BG

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Aunt B said...

Oh Jenny... your stories do make me laugh! But it's good to laugh 'cuz life IS hard!! :)

mark and monsita! said...

Que vida tan dura que tiene Lucas no?