Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sonrie, Flaco!

Here it is: Flaco's first-ever caught-on-film fake-smile. I think he does it rather nicely. Lips curled up, teeth beared, jaw clenched tightly, shoulders braced, eyes gazing at the camera with an intensity not commonly associated with merriment. When my grandma Lola was in the hospital, the doctor told her to breathe regularly so he could listen to her lungs. I translated and immediately she started this weird almost polka-beat breathing. Some things just don't come out the same when you try.
(Nonetheless, I'd say it's just about the cutest little grimace I've ever seen.)


Anonymous said...

He makes we want to kiss his cute little chin-ney, chin-ney chin! Beeba

Aunt B said...

What a sweet little guy!!

Brian and/or Megan said...

I love him and I love how much you are posting lately!!

mark and monsita! said...

I LOVE you Lucas!!!