Thursday, May 21, 2009

Big shoes for little man

It appears that quite literally the Flaco wants to fill his grandpas' and daddy's shoes. Also my flip flops.
In a more metaphorical sense, he has started imitating people in new ways. He drinks the milk out of his cereal bowl. He says chuzo! (which is the equivalent of aw shoot.) He commends Fyo when he does tricks. He cackles when something is funny (although I'm quite sure he doesn't know why.) He runs around naked in the creek.
(Oh wait. That's just him.)


Aunt B said...

My, what big feet you have, Lucas! :)

I'm glad to know it's only Lucas that runs naked in the creek, Jenny... we ARE coming for a picnic in June, ya know! :)

Anonymous said...

I love his happy little face & believe it or not I have been known to kiss his feet!!! Beeba

Anonymous said...

so cute!!!! he looks so delighted!!!