Friday, May 15, 2009

Last time

Flaco's grandparents came to visit him, he got so excited that he fell over. Like a cartoon, landing hard on his bottom with his little feet in the air. A look of shock on his face, ducks circling around his head. Sometimes when we get in the car, he says "Vamos, Appleton!" and I have to break it to him that no, we're just headed to WalMart or some other lesser destination. His lip quivers.
There's this story about how one time Matthew made a t-shirt for his grandpa, and he wrote on the front of it "GRANDPA!" with an exclamation point. His grandpa said "Why did he write it like that?" because apparently it was a little sloppy and not obvious that it was punctuation. Matt said "Because that's the way I'm going to say his name next time I see him. Grandpa!" I hear exclamation points every time Flaco talks about his Abuelo and Beeba. Dozens. Italics too. Maybe even asterisks with little notes below that say*
*Iyuvyou Iyuvyou Iyuvyou Iyuvyou.


Anonymous said...

Once when we were planning a trip Matt asked, "Are we going to get up early and leave while it is still dark? I love that because it always makes my stomach feel tingly." That's how excited your blog made me. I love that little blond boy and his Mama, Papa, baby sister and puppy! Beeba

Anonymous said...

How adorable. He is getting so big and talking a lot. Wish we could see all of you again.