Tuesday, May 26, 2009

They say that soon

I won't be able to travel, so last weekend Matt decided we would have a last hurrah. Oh, and did we hurrah! We went to Milwaukee with my parents to pick up cars for the shop and ate at Abu's Jerusalem of the Gold. We stayed in a hotel and swam in a pool and ate waffles for breakfast! (Flaco took one last swim in the bathtub before we left, and his little foot slipped and he went under. I pulled him out and he sputtered and cried and said "Susto! Noe!" which means "Scary! Noah!" Matthew said "Oh Boo! You're right, you were like Noah. Or maybe Jonah" and Flaco said "Jonas, no pez" ... "Jonah, no fish.")
From Milwaukee we went to Madison, where we ate at Famous Dave's thanks to a gift-card from my sister and Fernando! We bought babygirl a present on State Street, where Flaco created quite a scene with his high-pitched announcement that he loves Obama. I tried to minimize the scene by explaining that he also loves Bush, Putin, and Medvedev, but then he had to go and start saying "Buddha Buddha" (he had pointed at a statue, so Matt told him what it was) which drew even more shrieks of "That's so cool" and admiration that we would teach our son to recognize "such important people." Obviously this could not be easily smoothed by saying "He also knows who Jesus is" so we just paid and ducked out quick, very embarrassed. In the car, Matt taught him to say "Buddha lies" as penance.
From there, we went to the zoo, where Flaco got to see (among other things) a porcupine and a tiger. Then he played in the lake and chased geese. Next was a party at Ginger's for Megan and Jason, where there was amazing food and delicious dish full of double entendres. Hehe.
The next day (I continue!) Matt went for a four mile run and I played with the Flaco before church (a very wonderful sermon out of Judges.) Then we (I say we! Ha!) built a chicken coop (which is not quite finished yet but darn close) and cleaned our house and rearranged our upstairs in preparation for babygirl's arrival. Then we went to a grad party, ate lunch and went with my parents boating on the Mississippi! Fortunately, Flaco's bathtub scare wasn't permanent, and he tried his hardest to fling himself overboard. When we got back, we went to another grad party, where the host (my dad's cousin) let Lucas pet a newborn pig! We talked politics, which is always fun, and then came home.
...Only to get up the next day to finish working on the coop, hang up a hammock, begin babygirl's painting, have a cookout, make hot fudge (or rather, watch while my dad made hot fudge), and whisper until the wee hours of the night how tired and happy and tired and happy we were.
I just thought to myself, why did I type all that out? A little late for such a question. There it is. It was so very nice.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like you had quite a busy weekend - thanks for squeezing us in!!

Love your stories - keep it up! :)


missy said...

i love him!!

Anonymous said...

the big hat is super cute!!!!!!!!! you can tell he's having fun!!!!!

mark and monsita! said...

He is the cutest!!!

Aunt B said...

Very fun post, Jenny! I always love to read your stories! :)

Anonymous said...

I missed so much while away!!! Thanks for the update! Beeba