Tuesday, June 23, 2009

For some reason,

it is a million times easier to write about nothing than it is to write about something. When it's nothing you can just ramble and follow stray tangents and who cares? If I could, I would summarize our Father's Day celebration in some glorious prose. However, it was just that wonderful that the task has proved much too daunting. Instead, here is a picture of Matt and Flaco just after the party ended. For those of you who were there: wasn't it the best ever?


Ginger said...

I cannot remember a more perfect Father's Day party. Seriously. I have been looking at all of the photos over and over again - I think it's my attempt to relive the day?!


Anonymous said...

I guess I would call it magical, too good to be true. Nice picture of your men.


Anonymous said...

What a great father & son!!! Thank you to the great McFall family for including these Goodmans. What a blast!!!

Aunt B said...

It was awesome, Jenny! :) We had such a fun time!! I'm like Gin... I can't stop looking at all the pictures!! :)