Monday, June 29, 2009

It was six years ago yesterday

that Matthew and I tied the knot. I was in my poofy poofy white dress with the pearls, and he was jaunty as could be in his suit. I remember "Here Comes the Bride" starting and the doors opening (or rather, almost opening) but I said "No no no! Not yet!" because I was weeping too much. It was not delicate bridely tears but full out wailing, with gasps and wheezes and those thin high-pitched noises that seep out between agonizingly long sobs. I'm saying I sounded like an Iranian funeral. Little did I know Matt had been doing the same all through the beginning of the ceremony. We are both at a bit of a loss to explain why. The music repeated and repeated and my dad showed me his dyed-blue thumb to make me laugh (which it did) and he took advantage of the moment to swing those doors open and start heading me up the aisle. I noticed then that I had no bouquet - I had somehow lost it! - so I grabbed the toss-bouquet which had been placed in a vase by the programs and headed up the aisle. I remember I was very stoic, oh so stoic. A tiny smile, little nods at people as I headed up the aisle. Poor Abby on the organ had already played through the song several times, and hung on to the last chord for the length of the aisle. Very dramatic. Added nicely to the Iranian funeral vibe. I saw Matthew with his wet eyes and that's when I felt like I could breathe. From there on out I got the giggles and apparently chatted through the wedding from what I can tell on the video, always whispering to Matt, my long veil fluttering. I remember I almost couldn't say my vows because I started laughing too hard. No idea at what. No idea. At the end, Matthew flung me over his shoulder and ran me down the aisle, white toulle like sea foam, splashing up everywhere. We got to the back and we looked at each other and we said "We're married!" And that was that. Six years ago yesterday.


Abby said...

Oh Jenny, I almost thought you were a run-away bride! I was at the end of the song, holding out the last note, and you were nowhere to be seen! That was a very loooooong last note! I am oh so glad that you made it down!!!! What an exciting beginning to your marriage- and I know the last 6 years have been just as exciting for you both!

Anonymous said...

There are moments in your life that you never forget, and that whole day is one of them. It's just like it was yesterday! Perfect!


Andi said...

Such a cute story! When is that baby coming to see the world!? I have been anxiously waiting to see pictures! :)

Anonymous said...

I remember your wedding day for the day I first felt comfortable in photos. Cameras had always made me nervous, but that day my smile came naturally because I felt so blessed and happy! We cannot imagine our lives or family without you Jenny!

Aunt B said...

What a fun day that was, Jenny! :) I love that you wrote down your memories of the day... very sweet! :)