Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Me Copying Lucas's Fake Smile, Which Has Come a Long Way Since It Was First Debuted

Here we are pictured in the car, en route to Milwaukee again, because I am an awful liar who piles deceit upon deceit. We went again to Mona's Turkish Shawerma House Cafe (this time with my parents!) and had a lovely supper. Fortunately, Lucas stopped shrieking "Buddha lies!" before entering and we had him settled into a little booster seat where he ate like a perfect gentleman, until this couple walked in. A hipster couple, girl with tattoo sleeves down to her elbows and Lucas looks at her, and his mouth drops open, and he proclaims (as never before) "Niña, I love you! I love you, niña!" When she paid him no mind, he started to wave his little arms, trying to catch her eye. Smiling at her his toothiest, most charming smile (not unlike the one pictured here, only of course his eyes were wide open, beseeching, pleading.) How she turned away is beyond me, entirely beyond me. I would've at the least bought him a zalabia.*
*(Or bought one for myself and then eaten it thinking how cute he was. Yes, that's more like it.)


Anonymous said...

Perhaps the excessive ink from her tatoos dulled her mind... No, there is no good reason for ignoring my Lucas! Beeba

mark and monsita! said...

MI chiquito es el mas bello de todos!!! Que lindas sonrisas de los dos!!!

missy said...

it just doesn't look fake!

The Goodfellas said...

it sure do don't!