Monday, August 31, 2009

Oh Loli, what pretty ears you have!

We took Loli to get her ears pierced yesterday. Dreadfully late if you're latin (they pierce them right after birth), dreadfully early if you're a WASP. Since she's both, we figured what the heck, let's let her be dreadful on both accounts. (Oh, a terrible use of the phrase. My Loli could never be dreadful.) So here I have this blue-eyed daughter now, with her little rubies in. And next to me, this blond-haired boy, climbing on me now, saying "Me das papitas por favor?" Translating it for me into English, talking with an accent.
Let's be honest here. I'm not that latin. Had bad Spanish until my grandma moved in. I once even ate gravy on my rice. And somehow I ended up with these kids -- or at least this boy -- whose favorite singer is Olga TaƱon, who asks night and day for arroz con frejoles, who, when overwhelmed, looks up at the sky and says (of course in Spanish) "Oh Holy Father." He is like a tiny little boy version of my grandma Lola. And it makes me wonder, if Matt and I do move away and Loli ends up growing up elsewhere, will I have a latin son and a white daughter? As Lucas would say (wide-eyed, sucking in air between his teeth, shaking his head in slight disdain) "Pero vean eso."


Anonymous said...

oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
-auntie kelly

Anonymous said...

She looks so cute - I love babies with earrings and she carries the look very well! So cute!

I got Cassie's ears pierced when she was six months old because I was tired of people thinking she was a boy. The next day, I put her in a lavender sweater, jeans trimmed with lavender lace, a lavender headband and her cute little earrings and went to the grocery store. Some man complimented my "cute little boy" and since I didn't have Alex with me I can only assume he meant my lavender earring girl. I was so mad! But what can you do?


The Goodfellas said...

at least he called her a cute little boy and not a manly little boy ;) ;)

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to see my little Loli & Lucas this weekend!!! She is really growing! BG

Anonymous said...

don't you think we need more pictures? ;) auntie kelly