Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Gum would be perfection

Things I love love love:
Sitting on the couch with my kiddos, Loli smiling at me and Flaco climbing like a rabid little monkey. Discovering I have all the ingredients for curry. Not putting coconut milk in said curry. Watching The Office with Matthew. Talking smack about the show Mercy. Getting a year-long subscription to Time (plus a laser level!) for only fifteen bucks. Hearing Flaco say "Jesus loves me, people tell me so." (His version of the song.) Getting to cook dinner for six every day. (Although when my grandpa and grandma were here and there were eight of us, that was so good too.) Watching Hairo Torres dance/contort. Hearing Styxx on the radio. Catching glimpses of Cupcake. Hearing Joe teach at youth group and realizing how much I don't know and how much more I want to know. Watching cartoons in Arabic with Flaco.
And more, so much more. Much more.
You are one. I'm almost sure of it.


Anonymous said...

What lovely thoughts, what a beautiful picture, and what adorable children!!! Love you all!! BG

Anonymous said...

You guys are so cute! But I can't help but wonder why Mommy is so bundled up and Lucas and Loli look so summery...Are you feeling chilled, Jenny?

And please tell Lucas I loved the book he showed me over the phone the other day!


Christy and Randy said...


Have you watched Friends? That title of your post comes straight from one of the was hilarious!

Hope you are all well. Your little girl is just precious and Lucas is adorable as always!

mark and monsita! said...

Why did'nt I hear about a subscription to time magazine for only $15 dollars? You are all too cute!!

The Goodfellas said...
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The Goodfellas said...

oh, you know...sometimes a girl has to dress according to a whim rather than to temperature ;)