Monday, October 26, 2009

What choice did he have but to act strangely? Look how I dressed him.

Flaco asked me over and over for a fideo crudo the other day. I thought he wanted to eat it, so I kept sending him away and telling him to wait until the noodles were cooked. He has odd requests, let me tell you, so I didn't think much of it. Raw onion and soup for breakfast? Oh sure. But his insistence on this one was a little surprising. I finally gave him a dry noodle and sent him on his way, when I was met by a resounding silence - a sure sign of mischief. So I left the kitchen and went looking for him, and there he was, standing on his tiptoes, using the noodle like a bobby pin, trying to jig open a locked door. He looked over his shoulder at me and curled his lips up over his teeth, trying to hide a smile, and asked (with what almost seemed like sincerity) "No te gustan mis travesuras, mamita?" Claro que me gustan, mijo, me encantan! I said, caught up in a moment of blind love and stupidity.
The shoe full of hot cocoa the next day should have come as no surprise.


Anonymous said...

He is a funny, funny boy... Maybe he got a better tool in his birthday tool box! Whose shoes??? BG

The Goodfellas said...

fortunately, they were matt's rubber over-shoes that he wears to work... i found out because he kind of tattled on fyo:
"fyo esta haciendo travesuras mamita!"
"que hace fyo?"
"esta tomando hot cocoa!"
"de donde, mijo?"
"del zapato, mamita!"
"de cual zapato?"
"de ESTE! que travieso, fyo!"
oh my.

missy said...

you said claro que si? heheheheheh
i giggled

Anonymous said...

Jenny, I still have the bill from the locksmith for the repair of our lock after Alex tried to pick it when he was very small. He did something so that we could no longer open the door from the inside of the house. Those little boys are capable of big mischief! Can't wait to see you guys soon!