Friday, December 11, 2009

This picture has nothing at all to do with what I'm about to say,

except perhaps that this is the wild-eyed expression that my boy makes (accompanied by a loud howl of a scream) when he has unveiled a new delight for the masses. So here it is (drumroll? drumroll?): my son likes to crump. How do I know this, you wonder? (Aside from the obvious, of him appearing in the kitchen, crumping wildly while I cook supper?) I will tell you how: before he starts to dance, he holds up his skinny arms and proclaims (eyes closed, chin pointed high) "I LOVE TO CRUMP!" Often he requests "Jealous" by Lou Reed, a song choice which I don't think particularly suits his moves, but then again, I have nothing to do with any of this. So maybe you're thinking now, is it Matthew? Is he the one teaching the Flaco to crump?* Nope, it's Troy and Abed! (Hit the link, yes?) So we saw this clip about two months ago and thought nothing of it. I mean, other than that it's funny. But then a month went by, and suddenly Flaco struts into the kitchen - struts, I tell you! Like a rooster! - and makes his proclamation and breaks into dance. Like Billy Elliot, if Billy Elliot were a white/latin boy imitating a Palestinian guy imitating a black guy. What can I call it but a moment of sheer beauty.
*If you read that and the very picture of Matthew crumping made you laugh, you should stop by our house sometime, around 6:30. We get down.


andi said...

You must take a video!!! This sounds too adorable not to share a video with us!

B said...

you really have the best son. i can't wait to see him again! last time i saw him, he was neither walking, nor talking (beyond agua & a few other select phrases.)

Brandee said...

yes, i second the video. it would be oh so entertaining to watch him krumping!