Monday, January 18, 2010


Oh ho ho. We threw quite a surprise party for Loli-cake. She turned six months old and did not see it coming. We made a feast fit for a princess and celebrated six months of Loli, which is six months of: fluff, ruffles, bows, lace, toulle, smiles that start with a crinkle in the nose, belly laughs (always when Flaco dances and always for the song Despeinada), eyes that seem to get bluer and bluer, a raspy voice, and cheeks that are formidable. For the record, Loli-cake, I love you. I love you like mad.


Anonymous said...

Happy 1/2 Birthday Loli! Wish we could have been there!

Jenn, Bart, Alex and Cassie

mark and monsita! said...

And what a surprised it was!! Just ask Jenny for more details.

Anonymous said...

It was a real celebration day!!! Can't wait to see the video if you know what I mean... Beeba

Anonymous said...

Yes, it was quite the surprise!!! Telephone is such a fun game! ;)

By the way, yes Loli DOES have formidable cheeks. She's adorable. :)


mistergoodfella said...

The whole party was formidable, really. :)

Anonymous said...

we love you too, loli!!!!!!!
auntie kelly and uncle fernando