Monday, February 15, 2010

Luke 10:21

I've seen Heaven depicted in a lot of movies, but have never seen anyone look particularly happy there. If someone can look this happy at work (I refer of course to Omar himself in the photo on the right), why can they not look more happy in Heaven? It is as though paradise were a hazy, whirry, brightly lit mess of nothing. I know this to be untrue. My Flaco does too. I haven't spoken to him of Heaven yet, not at all, and yet as we were driving in the car this morning, he looked up at the cerulean blue sky and he said "I want to fly in the sky. I want to fly with Jesus and with the angels and with you, mamita." I turned around and he was gazing upward, quiet and contemplative. He closed his eyes and the sun shone on his face and he smiled, head leaned back.
Who is this God, who reveals things to little children? Who is this God, who leans down from his throne to whisper in the ear of a small boy? I do not understand you, God, but when I get to Heaven, I will sing your praises all the more loudly for what you did today.


The Goodfellas said...

I should add, he also wants to fly in the sky (or Heaven, same word in Spanish) with papa and Abuelo and Beeba and Abu and Monsita and Lola and tia Kelly and tio Fernando and tia Megan and tio Brian and Loli and uncle Glen and aunt Betty and Kyle and Fyo. And I'm sure more, but he gets to this point in his list and then starts repeating, like a record skipping. And the Fyo part, it makes me think of Revelation 5:13!! have you read it?

Anonymous said...

Muy precioso!!! (did I spell it right?) BG

mark and monsita! said...

Mis dos hombres bellos!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, he's kind of goofy looking if you ask me! I do love the thought of flying in the sky with those I love...did Lucas mention me?

Mr Weatherbee

missy said...

that's awesome... you wonder what other secrets lucas knows?!