Wednesday, March 17, 2010


We took Flaco and the Cake to the zoo for the afternoon a few days ago. We shelled out quarter after quarter so our boy could feed the goats and the llamas and the sheep and the giraffes. But after parting with a pile of coins, we found that the zoo has a section in it where you can feed the animals for free! Imagine! It works like this - you take your two year old, and tell him he can lean in close by the fence, and then a surprisingly voracious pelican comes running up and takes a small bite out of his hand. No crumbly brown pellets here, just human flesh. Flaco, shocked and hurt and indignant at what this "pajaro malcriado" did, sternly told him "Hay que ser cortes, pelicano. No le vayas a morder a Loli. No lo hagas." (You should be polite, pelican. Don't go and bite Loli. Don't you do it.) This lecture came fifty feet and ten minutes later, once he had time to compose himself. Hollered over his shoulder, little finger flailing in the air. He was back in the stroller we'd borrowed for Loli, sitting up straight, directing us where to go next like a tiny dictator. Matt took to calling him Kim Jong Il; so small, so stern. After a while, he instructed us that he would like to go back and feed more animals; the bears this time. We told him no, that costs an arm and a leg.


mark and monsita! said...

I'm glad it was only a pelican and NOT that big bear!!!

Anonymous said...

So glad you had such a beautiful sunny day for your visit! See you soon, Beeba

missy said...

:) i love reading this. he's never not entertaining!!!