Thursday, April 29, 2010

Interview with a Vampire, over milk and cookies

(and by Vampire, I mean boy, and by boy, I mean my son. Translated for your convenience.)
Me: Flaco, what kind of girl do you want to marry someday?
Flaco: I want to marry a girl who is a good eater. She should know how to make rice and beans. She should like to dance and climb trees. I think she should cover her hair with a scarf.
Me: (Looking at Matthew, eyebrow raised) You hear that?
Matthew: You think a headscarf is pretty, Flaco?
Flaco: Yes, it is very pretty. And she should have yellow eyes. That would be pretty too.
Me: Huh.
Matthew: Okay.


Anonymous said...

Yeah!! A new post from the sideburns! I've missed your chatter! Beeba

mark and monsita! said...

Yellow eyes with a scarf? What would she look like? Only Lucas know!!!

Anonymous said...

It was all good, until the yellow eyes part....what a funny little man! ;)