Monday, August 23, 2010

late August, 9:30 pm

Tonight we sat saturated
in dimness
thick heavy warm
pressing us to our porch
milky black-grey air
too still to carry the smell of hay
crickets, thousands of crickets
in front of us, beside us, all around
louder the longer you listen
lazy shrill urgent
fireflies hanging above the corn fields
like dew on grass
off and on, splitting the darkness
like a sharp pencil through paper
coyotes, dozens of them
broken hearts laid bare
so close we shut
the little dog in
behind the screen door.
We stayed.
so loud and mute
in front of us, everything writhing and flat
our tired bones crushed down
surrounded by so much space

5 comments: said...

SSSSSSSSSSShhhhhhhhhhh....good night you all....and with that, you close the door behind you! We'll miss you!!

Anonymous said...

You're a poet Jenny, I could feel it from your words! Was that the night Lucas said the coyotes were singing like Johnny Cash?

mistergoodfella said...

I believe it was, right sugar?

The Goodfellas said...

i think so, yes! they were so amazingly loud, i loved it. oh-so-much. :)

Bethany said...

Beautiful! You ARE a poet, I agree!