Tuesday, October 26, 2010

36 Hours

We were going to watch Aladdin, this version I got from the UAE where he's a little orphan running through the streets. Flaco wanted to know what happened to his parents. I tried to dodge the question, but he persisted. I said that they passed away, and that this happens sometimes when someone is very, very old.
Later he saw me praying and asked why. I said that a friend's little baby was very sick. He asked if that's why my cheeks had tears. I said yes. He looked at me and said "The baby already died, didn't she?" I hung my head. I said yes.
Such loss is too much for me to understand. Not even mine to tell. I look at my tiny son, only weeks old, and my heart aches for them. Shortly after her death, her father wrote "We are so thankful for our 9 months and 36 hours with you. Glorify our Magnificent Jesus until I get there with you. 'Holy holy holy is the LORD God Almighty who was and is and is to come.'" My heart quakes within me; does yours not? Does it not?
I have seen beauty. I have seen darkness try to swallow people whole, and I've seen them hold high the light of Christ; holding it high with shaking hands. Oh, glorify his name.


The Goodfellas said...

Please pray for them; their sorrow is immense. "My tears have been my food, day and night." (Psalm 42:3)

Anonymous said...

A pool of water reflecting a puffy white cloud on a windless day should not be touched. I cannot add anything to your post, it's just that clear.

Tu Papi'