Thursday, January 06, 2011

Nothing at all.

I have two strapping sons, who I call the boys. A lot of times when I say that, the song starts up in my head (which is a shame because I only know two words of it anyway); that song from Romeo + Juliet. Which, for the record, I haven't seen in a good fifteen years. I picture John Leguizamo crushing a match under his steel boot. Do you remember that song? Back when smoking was glam and not equated with yellow teeth and jittery hands. Romeo smoked throughout that entire movie.
And when I think of Romeo, I think of Matt singing along to Lou Reed. "Juliet! The dice was loaded from the start, and I bet..."-- bet? forget? I don't know what it says from there. But he does. He sweeps me away from the pan on the stove and spins me around. I am for once not too distracted to kiss him.
And when I think of that pan on the stove, I think of the day I came home to find he had made me a rack to hang them on. He made it out of thin pieces of bamboo, brass chains affixing it to the ceiling. I was so glad I had bought the red pots and pans instead of the black ones; they were only five or ten dollars more. They made me want to do my dishes instead of letting them sit in the sink; wash them up so I could look at them, all shiney and pretty.
And when I think of shiney things of course I think of Where the Red Fern Grows, how he trapped those coons before he had --who were they? Big Dan and Little Ann? I read that book and all I wanted was to be him. And then to drink a swig of soda.
And when I think of soda, I think of Inca Kola; straight out of a glass bottle, preferably warm. Tastes like who knows what.
And when I think of the Incas, I think of walking along the equator, high up in the mountains. I bought a shrunken head. I remember the guy who sold it to me telling me that only five years ago, they sold real ones. He had a long black braid, yellowed teeth. Looked like a smoker.

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Anonymous said...

I wondered how this was going to end, and now I know! You have a good left hook!

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