Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Birth of El Che

This is love at first sight.


Anonymous said...

i 100% concur :) -k

The Goodfellas said...

I wanted to write something lovely, but I could not do him justice. He is just that lovely, that perfect. And seeing you as a mother and Fernando a father was one of the most beautiful moments of my life. You are precious to me, all three of you.


ps. This is a ridiculous tag-on but did you know that Pervez Musharraf named his dog el Che??

The Goodfellas said...

And another PS.:

Isn't it wild to love someone so completely without having met them? And you think your love could not possibly increase, and then you finally hold him and look at him and your heart might burst completely??

Aunt B said...

Ahhh... so very sweet... :) I can't wait to meet him! He is a cutie-pie, indeed! :D

rolli grove said...

beautiful beautiful love!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Estoy esperando a ver El Pajarito este fin de semana, es como un sueƱo!