Thursday, March 17, 2011

Where to, mister?

To the right we have pictured my husband filling out a job application for the fall. We have our prospects narrowed down to two main options: either leaving the continent or staying in the continent. We have three months left on our lease, so I really feel like we're close to figuring this thing out*.
The awesomeness of the unknown keeps playing out before me, like the opening sequence of The Twilight Zone. Doors floating and turning sideways, ominous hitchhikers saying "Going my way?" I feel like Matthew is this man in a hat who I'm catching a ride with to who-knows-where**.
I tried to find a clip of that intro, but when I typed in the words "twilight zone going my way?" into Youtube, the first video that came up was of Alf. Having not seen Alf since maybe the third grade, I clicked the link and started to watch it. They're playing Scrabble and the daughter's about to leave for a date. Alf keeps trying to pass off words in Melmacian. The guy knocks at the door; Alf makes a series of witty remarks and the parents watch him walk in with a mixture of curiosity, fear, and disdain.
I wonder what my parents thought the first time they met Matthew. Did they know he was jaunty, clever, a gentleman? Or did they see a nervous kid in a ska band with patchy stubble who said things like "I have the reflexes of a jungle cat"?
It was at our wedding, during the vows, that I suddenly realized the gravity of the situation. I hadn't realized that to stick out your thumb is to stick out your neck. We were getting hitched, and I didn't have the wheel anymore. "You're moving into a land of both shadow and substance" - in retrospect, I feel like we should have exited the church to mysterious piano music.
I was a fool; he was my friend. We made it happen.
I'm aware now, seven and a half years later, that I'm entirely indebted to God for getting me to climb into the right car. And now that we traded it in for a minivan with three carseats strapped inside, even more so. I don't know where we're going in life, but I am so glad that I'm going there with him.
(Happy birthday tomorrow, Matthew Goodfella. I kind of love you like mad.)

*You know what's crazy? I'm not even being sarcastic.
**Yeah, I realize I have it backwards. And I'm also mixing together two different intros. One has a cave in it and a clock and a man with a million books but no glasses (if I remember right) and the other is the twirling door with the stars in the background. Still, the point remains: Matt would look good in that hat.


missy said...

i like you guys so much.

christine said...

oh jenny. i know just how it is... praying for you guys.

The Goodfellas said...

thank you! and we're praying for you guys!

rolli grove said...

<3 <3 <3 SO exciting! I hope and pray the next 3 months are amazing and full of rest before changes (may) happen. said...

rezando por ustedes mis amores para que todo les salga bien.!