Friday, December 30, 2005

Christmas 2005

was awesome!

this picture was taken right after:
-playing a hearty round of mad libs
-admiring clark griswald's exterior illumination
-singing "silent night" at benny's
-eating a delicious Christmas ham

this picture was taken right before:
-roger got savagely attacked
-fernando discovered his love of sled-boarding
-jon told us a certain unmentionable story (what? you haven't heard it yet???) just kidding jon. there is no story, for the record. none at all.

ode to aidan

you are so cute
it makes me mute

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

se caso mi hermana

this is the first wedding we've been in that matt didn't spend the whole time making eyes at me. he always finds weddings to be quite romantic now. at abby's wedding, someone noticed and thought he was drunk! abby said, they just don't know your personalities. i said, huh.

everything for fyodor

meet our dog, fyodor. he is a pomchi (half pomeranian, half chihuahua) and he is made out of love and cotton candy. as far as we can tell. okay, yes, this is not fyodor. this is sam, the ugliest dog in the world (may he rest in peace) but he will have to do until i can get a picture of my baby up on the board.

the hurricane

i miss cooking with sterno. i miss a lack of traffic lights. i miss chinese restuarants still being open in the pitch black. i feel very insensitive in saying it, given the tremendous loss that so many people suffered this hurricane season, but we had such a nice, calm time. maybe our only calm moment since arriving in florida. it was so nice being trapped inside while the wind howled!