Monday, July 31, 2006

and meanwhile

{from Time}

"They created a desolation and call it peace." -Fouad Siniora, Lebanese Prime Minister, decrying Israel's incrusion into Lebanon by quoting 1st century Roman historian Tacitus. Speaking to Western diplomats, Siniora asked, "Are we children of a lesser God?"

"Hope over fear. Liberty over oppression...Let there be no doubt- today Iraq is a democracy." -Nouri Al-Maliki, Iraqi Prime Minister, addressing a joint session of the US Congress last week and boasting of his country's political and social progress since 2003.

"Is he living in Iraq?" -Debbie wasserman-Schultz, Democratic Representative, Florida, on the dissonance between al-Maliki's depiction of a blossoming Iraq and the country's escalating sectarian violence, which he barely mentioned.

Sunday, July 30, 2006

me oh my!

this has nothing to do with the picture, and not really anything to do with anything other than that today is a perfect day (but not like the lou reed song, which is sad). this is a perfect day as in: a perfect day.


and also, in church today (while the preacher gave this beautiful sermon), i had a sort-of-epifany about teaching which finally finally made me really excited about my job again. which is awesome because at one point teaching got me revved up more than anything, and i thought i had lost that, couldn't find it anymore.

one last note: i got a winter coat and winter boots (me oh my with fur on the top and a wedge heel, for those who are interested! only $10 holy smokes!) and so i'm even kind of excited about the winter, and and and in a few months i am going to get an incubator and hatch chicks with my class! anyway, this is beside the point though. a lovely day.

Friday, July 28, 2006

who got to churn the butter?

last night, after many rounds of dirty ernie, we played the king of card games: eucher! in the end, a victory dance was performed by 3 of the 4 people in the bottom picture (one person was told that if he was going to be in the background, he had to at least look distraught -- can you guess who it was?)

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

perhaps you have been wondering, how is fyodor?

he is good.

and i love him love him love him love him love him.


Saturday, July 22, 2006

Take this survey or else. >:(

Copy and paste the following, and respond, if you wish. Please wish.

1. Which do you prefer: slamming a vestigial finger in the door, or drinking hot Coke?

2. Which is worse: getting punched in the nose, or being violently ill?

3. Which would you least enjoy: being maimed by a shark, losing at the $1,000,000 level on Who Wants to be a Millionaire, or realizing you have no future?

4. Which would you rather excel at: mimery, ventriliquism, or growing a mustache?

5. Which would you rather eat: uncooked bacon, or cooked hand?

6. How awesome are you?

7. Who would you rather look like (and we're talking the spitting image here): Santa Clause, the Jolly Green Giant, Osama bin Ladin, or Ursula the Sea Witch?

8. Who would you prefer to have as a roommate: Carrot Top, Tom Cruise, Elizabeth Taylor, or Gallagher (the guy who smashes watermelons with a mallet)?

9. If you were a pet, what kind of pet would you be, and who would you prefer to have as an owner: Paris Hilton or Michael Jackson?

10. Which movie would you rather live in: Office Space, Snakes on a Plane, Pride and Prejudice, or Field of Dreams?
- m(att)

Friday, July 21, 2006

the fellas of the Goodfellas

My dad used to (and sometimes still does) look at me with pride and say, "Oh, son of my son," and sometimes continue on to say "...of my son of my son..." and on and on. I never understood it, and it drove me crazy. The other day, he did it again, and after I reminded him once again that it made no sense, I pointed out that Fyodor would certainly qualify as the "Son of my son" for Dad.
The "son of my son" rode behind my head just like this for a good two-fifths of the trip up from West Palm Beach. That's my boy!

There are two other things I'd like to say.

1. For those of you who have a myspace, I (Matt, by the way) just signed up for one. If you'd like to see it, it's located at

2. This evening, we (2 McFalls, 2 Rogantes, Mapache, and myself) decided to watch the movie on the right. To my glee, that movie was Minority Report. However, the first 39 seconds proved too much for my poor sister-in-law, and we decided to watch Dreamer, a touching drama about a young girl's love for her horse. As you can imagine, I found time to post. :)


Wednesday, July 19, 2006

i realized the other day

that i don't pray specifically. and given that i don't pray specifically, it ends up like some homogenous slop of good-will. kind of like thinking in colors. (which obviously makes it hard to be fervent or even necessarily sincere.)

and i realized the reason i don't pray specifically is because it is such a big responsibility, to know what to ask God for. and what if i get it wrong? and how do you pray with faith when you believe that his yes's are just as important as his no's and wait's? i feel like i always preface things with "well, if you want to, but i understand if you don't, but please would you..?" and is it a safeguard for me, if things don't go like i so desperately want them to, or is it out of reverence? (or worse, is it laziness, not bothering to figure out what i should pray for?) either way, i would like to be able to pray like i mean it.

Monday, July 17, 2006

so so so ready to unpack!

things i am most excited to fish out of boxes:

1. my clothes (wadded up and wrapped around the dishes -- i have been rotating between the same 2 outfits, one of which is now stained! oh no!)

2. pasta, passion, and pistols: our murder mystery! (anyone ever done one of those? anyone want to come play?)

things i was most excited to discover: (in the array of things we left in wisconsin a year ago)

1. a magic eye book! (i spent 2-3 am looking at the 3d pictures (couldn't sleep (i slept too much in the afternoon because matt accidentally took drowsy cough medicine (which somehow made me tired too)) and then when i tried to sleep, my eyes kept shifting like that, trying to see 3d images in the weird mix of colors and patterns you see when you shut your eyes. at one point, it was comets, then later a cursive lower-case letter u. not very cool. and clearly i was overtired.)

2. i guess it's really just one thing.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Saturday, July 08, 2006

this is a true story.

one day, the rogantes and goodfellas were hanging out when BAM, SLAM!, a geyser exploded behind them! steaming water came shooting out! it took them a while to notice, but once they did, they were horrified. the water rose and rose, until the mapache was nearly-knee-deep in what appeared to be a never-ending sea. suddenly -oh my gosh!- a shark appeared! it was drawn by the site of the gaping wound on matt's toe! it leaped up and finished him off! no one could believe his rotten luck!

the mapache had a gold statue made in his likeness.


Friday, July 07, 2006

i know this is disgusting.

i really do. and i apologize. but we wanted to share a few pictures of our 4th of july, and so here it is! when we went to see the fireworks, matt hit his toe on a pipe sticking out of the grass. he almost passed out. (or was it blacked out matt? is there a difference? anyone know, anyone?) i don't know. he had to lay down because he was so woozy, so we watched the fireworks from there, where he collapsed. later, we bandaged his toe with my extra shirt (i was wearing two) and he made it back to the car okay. anyway, the fireworks were very beautiful. fyodor really enjoyed them too. a good time was had by all, despite the injury and corresponding amputation. (i mentioned that right?)

anyway, here is a picture of our 4th of july pie to even-out the gore.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

if the government...

had a new program where you could only choose 3 meals to eat for the rest of your life (on a continuous cycle) what 3 would you choose? bearing in mind of course that you may also choose 1 drink in addition to water, and 1 dessert.

these pictures are from MAROOSH by the way! where we ate for our 3-year anniversary! incidentally (or perhaps not incidentally?) i think i might choose one of my meals having hummus. but i will not divulge any more details at the present. other than to say that maroosh was a delight but i would not re-order the pistachio burma even though it was quite fancy!

Monday, July 03, 2006

a first few

our parents just left this morning for tennessee -- we had the most lovely visit! however, it turns out they must've taken most of the pictures, 'cause i don't have all that many. so, i will wait to get a few from them. for now, here is a picture of a cut-throat table-soccer competition, and a trick jon played on us ("hold on, i can't quite get it to take the picture...") !