Saturday, August 26, 2006

All your base are belong to us.

*We have no interweb!
*There will be no further posts for many moons!
*Not on your blogs either!
*Please still stay in touch though!
*Who am I kidding - I will update this thing from the library sometimes.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

No one even elbowed me!

I just got back from Piggly Wiggly, and as I was standing in line (after someone pointed out that I could be in the express lane, and after someone else let me cut ahead even though I was in no hurry, and after someone else gave me a coupon that I didn't ask for), I was thinking about how nice small towns are. How people are just plain nice. Then this older gentleman behind me started in, muttering about our bad luck in getting such a slow cashier. I was trying to think of something courteous to say when the cashier said, "Well Gilly, if you keep actin' up like that I'm not checkin' you out at all." To which Gilly responded, "Well that's what I was hopin' for, you can just put my groceries on the young lady's bill." (It was so funny!) Then, on my drive home, (as I was still marvelling at how different this is from south Florida,) a truck pulled out too fast in the rain and almost ran over some young guy on a scooter. I mean really, almost ran him over. The kid used the moment to re-light his cigarette, nodded to the truck, and then drove off.

I love it here. (Oh yeah, and the picture? That's Matt and Windmill-man; they live in Wisconsin and look how happy they are.)

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Don't miss it; don't be late!

Maybe you have been wondering, have those crazy Goodfellas been admiring livestock recently? The answer is yes, yes we have! We went to the state fair with the Goodmanskis, ate creampuffs and fried-zucchini, watched a dancing chihuahua perform, and saw the Tom Green Show! (Yes! The Tom Green show! Unfortunately it turns out there's two people named Tom Green.)

One thing I did not see? A cow with a plastic plate in its side. Not that I particularly want to see one, but I thought this was something Saunders made up for Civilwarland In Bad Decline. (Have you read it? You should read it.) Now that I know that it truly exists, I know for sure that I live in the future. (Also known as post-1999). (Would post-1999 ever come, I've been wondering?) (And now it's here, and this era has been ushered in by a see-through cow? Who knew?)

Thursday, August 10, 2006

i wish it was my place to forgive

(and i wish it wasn't presumptuous to write this) --

but i've been thinking about 9/11 and everything that's unraveled since then. i can't help but feel like we are on the brink of a third world war. it would take so little - iran supporting hizbullah, or really any nation at all publicly supporting a terrorist organization. we're already divided into sets of allies, and the twin towers provided such momentum (why couldn't we have seen it then?)

i wish we could have responded with grace. i have been reading about how history has changed because of nonviolent responses - for example, the berlin wall came down after a world-wide day of prayer, culminated by a march that slowly approached the wall - an unarmed crowd singing hyms. it came down without a single shot. stalin once sarcastically asked how many troops the pope has - i guess now we know. i also read of a beloved romanian priest who was fished out of a river with his eyes and fingernails ripped out (during the communist era.) thousands of people took to the streets and marched to the government offices chanting "we forgive, we forgive." it impacted that country, it changed history.

i wish we could forgive. i wish we could meet their hatred with grace, rather than becoming who they thought we were all along. (i'm sorry to use the word "we" loosely - i'm referring to the national image we have acquired after abu ghraib, haditha, guantanamo, the rape/murder of the iraqi girl, and etc.) anyway, i apologize in advance. i know this is pretentious, and i know there's nothing wrong with justice...i just so-badly wish that things had turned out differently.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

ique viva!

happy birthday to my sweet abuelita lolita, who turned 85 yesterday and really showed us how it's done. :)