Monday, August 27, 2007

three cheers for ...

friends! one of the things matt and i realized when we left florida is that somehow we had managed to not make any friends when we were down there. quite literally! there was no one to say goodbye to (although we did stop at publix to say goodbye to the sample lady and the seafood guy.) it's funny how sometimes you don't realize you're lonely until you're around people -- then it is like a great sigh of relief. which is just how we felt when we saw laurie and ryan last week! so nice, so so nice. i so much hope they stay (hint hint hint.) :-)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

all ready for his arrival!

(i think?!)

on saturday, my parents and the goodmans surprised us with the most wonderful gift! a beautiful crib for our little guy! they even set it up for us!

this is getting so so so so so so so exciting! i am very pleased too, because my little son is very strong, and has taken to playing my ribs as though they were a xylophone. a little painful, but i am so proud. :-)

and by the way, my sweet mamita took me to get a haircut! the plume has been cut off! cast to the winds! what a weekend. :-)

Monday, August 20, 2007

it all started when...

matt bought me an apron. next came a pair of matching peep-toe pumps (teal) to wear in the kitchen.

now i throw dinner parties galore!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

noriega, where have you been all my life?

so noriega took power of panama in 1983, and then was ousted by the US in 1989 (what a year!) and now, suddenly, he resurfaces again! do you wonder where he's been? in jail in miami! in miami all these years! and now he's due to be released on september 9th at the grand ol' age of 72, and some people worry he will return to panama and reclaim his throne. (unlikely, unlikely says i.)

i just had no idea he was incarcerated in the US all this time (i honestly didn't even know that could happen). i wonder: did he have a cellmate? (probably not if somehow even paris hilton got out of having one right?) did he carry a shank in his sock? did he make a tiny chessboard? did people know who he was? did he lift weights out on the yard? did he feel bad for what he had done or was he planning his next revolution these past 18 years? did he write a manifesto? did he get to watch tv while locked up and if so did he watch sabado gigante? (and did he see the mother's day episode that i was in the audience of? and did he have a different favorite in the hot mamacita contest? because i kind of think the wrong lady won.) does he admire chavez and will they meet? was he a fan of prison break? are they even allowed to watch that in prison? does he feel as though he has been cryogenically frozen all this time and is suddenly stepping out to a whole new world or is it all the same old same old to him? and if he had been incarcerated in the phillippines would he have participated in the dancing of "thriller"? there is just so much i would like to know.

Friday, August 10, 2007

oh no! someone noticed!

that there was a welcome post to kelly and fernando and now it's been deleted! well, not because they are not welcome. far from true! it just was pretty boring, and they are deserving of a more exciting post. so, it will have to wait until further notice. well, okay. nevermind. here they are, because it is a cute picture. welcome! :-)
and now! a bit of news! matt has been looking for a new job. would you not want to hire him on the spot? hmm? i would. i think i just did.
and maybe you wonder how big my belly is getting? well i will show you! oh my! (i apologize for wearing a rumpled slip. how embarrassing.)

Thursday, August 02, 2007

the bridge collapse

kelly and fernando had been living at an apartment a half a block from the bridge that went down, and they used to cross it a half a dozen times a day. they moved from that apartment just two days ago, no longer with a need to go over that bridge. i am so thankful that they are okay, so relieved. (did you see that video of the bridge going down? it was so awful.)

let's all remember to pray for all the people affected by this tragedy.