Monday, September 24, 2007

things are looking up!

some of you may not have known, but matt unfortunately lost his job about a month and a half ago due to a back injury. since then, we have been praying very much that God would help him find a new job and that his back would heal (it was so bad, he couldn't even sit, so it made it hard for him to find work.) so, we are very happy to say that God has answered our prayers -- we are back on a steady paycheck, and matt likes his job, and his back is feeling pretty good lately. i am so very proud of him, because he is juggling full-time classes at concordia, plus a british lit class at fox valley, plus working full-time. he has to get up at 4 am to get everything in and i am just so proud of him, for the way he works so hard for us. when we dated, i thought he was putting his best foot forward. when we got married i found that he does indeed have another side, but that it's even better than the first. so i guess i just want to say in front of everyone, thank you matthew for everything you do. and thank you God for answering our prayers, for being with us during this hard time, and for giving me such an amazing husband.

Saturday, September 15, 2007

matt says...

that he thinks we're ready to take that next "big step" in our relationship. so he brought home fish! please join me in warmly welcoming manuel (with the black stripe on his back) and cake girl (the polite little orange and white one) into our family. (alas, the turnip has already passed on. he just wasn't well, poor fellow.) :-(

fy is terribly, terribly interested in the fish. he sits at the bottom of the shelf staring and staring. i think sometimes he forgets what he was staring at, and we find him with his gaze fixed to the clock or perhaps an empty bottle of Leninade.

anyway. so. that is that. we have lovely fish. :-)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

it's like waiting for Christmas! kind of!

so, only 5 weeks left until our baby boy makes his debut into this world! i have never looked forward to cool weather before, but now the chill in the air tells me that october is drawing near which means that he will be here soon soon soon! (that's a bit of a lie -- mostly i still want it to be hot out so i can go float in the river in an innertube. me and my big belly, floating southerly.)

we gave fy a haircut (very short!) he is left with only ear fluffs and a rooster tail. as a result he gets very cold and tremulous at night, so matt sometimes bundles him into his tee-shirt. clearly he is a natural when it comes to fatherhood. :-)