Tuesday, February 26, 2008

i am blessed.

one of my favorite things about having lucas is seeing matt be a dad. i mean, look how cute he is. just look.
ps. thank you grubes for the lion! and thank you connie for the front-pack! and thank you chrissy for the dharma initiative onesie! and thank you adam for the computer!! i guess this title is more fitting than i had realized.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

We love our valen-tiny!

The other day Lucas was waving his little hands in front of his face, concentrating very hard, while I talked to him. I was going on and on and on (I think we were discussing politics) when suddenly his little hand reached up a little bit further and touched my face. And I knew suddenly that's what he'd been trying to do because as soon as he did, he smiled a huge smile! It was the first time he has reached out for me. And he kept doing it for the next 20 minutes, touching my cheek, my nose, my lips. He is starting to get teeth right now so he kept alternating hands, sticking one in his mouth to chew on for a while, and reaching for me with the other. And each time that spitty little hand would reach my face my heart would melt. By this time, instead of just smiling when he reached me, he was laughing -- these big loud whooping squeals, and he would kick his legs like he does when he gets excited. And so there he was squealing away and I had tears in my eyes. So this is for you my Lucas: XXOooOxXXoxoxoOOxoxo -- I love you too.

Saturday, February 09, 2008


i was just tagged by connie, which means it's my turn to ... hmm. not sure how to explain. here are the rules as sent to me by connie:

1. you must make a post called "tag!" (or some derivative thereof) and you must write a fact about yourself for every letter of your middle name.
2. each fact must start with that letter, like an acrostic poem.
3. then you have to tag one person for each letter of your middle name.
okay? so here we go! Lolita:

L: little-bit-lazy. alas, it's true.
O: observant. i generally remember exactly what people were wearing/ how they were sitting/ what expressions they were making at any given get-together. not to be creepy or anything.
L: linguistically hopeful. okay, that is a stretch -- i just can't think of much for the letter "l." but i would love to know more languages (of course farsi, russian, and french.) i think once lucas gets english and spanish down we will try to learn farsi together. (exciting!)
I: impish. matt thinks i am, that is.
T: totally tubular. (am i right or am i right?)
A: audacious. matt and i were talking about this when we found a disk full of papers i'd written in college. i was like "what? did i seriously turn this in??" one simply ended in "Catharsis = shakespeare = dumb dumb dumb. The End." if that isn't audacious (perhaps in an unclever way) i don't know what is.

okay, so!!! i am tagging.... hmm. six people. i am tagging shannon (via jason's blog), beth, megan, jenna, missy, and abby. okay, go!

Oh no.

Poor don Lucas had to lie around naked for a few days due to a diaper rash. I know, I said the poor kiddo wouldn't be naked anymore on the online but he is too cute is he not?

Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Thank you to the Smiths for this cute little suit! Lucas said he felt like a Japanese warrior in it. (Naturally, this made Fy a little nervous.)

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Lucas is thinking important thoughts.

I think that in this picture, Lucas was reading an interview with President Karzai. He said he's thinking about running in the election to be the next president (of Afghanistan.) We didn't have the heart to explain that he's too little.