Monday, February 23, 2009

"Let's go at it mano a mano" he says...

Matt realized the other day that Flaco can walk. I mean, obviously we knew he could walk, but it occurred to him that in addition to making a nice parlor trick, it can also serve as a mode of transportation. Go figure! Although the other day, Matt set him down so they could walk into the store together, and apparently Flaco was tired because he just crumpled his legs and laid down in a puddle. With that as the small exception, they do quite well! I think Lucas knows they are quite a novel sight.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

she will be here soon!

only 4 and a half months until little lentejita is born! thank goodness she's a girl or i would have no excuse to go shopping. :)
this shopping has made me realize, by the way, how much lucas looks like a boy and not a baby. i was trying to estimate when things would fit my little girl, and there was this one lavendar sweater with a tall purple hood with a pom on top, and i couldn't decide between the 12 or 18 month. i thought "hmm, maybe i'll put it on lucas quick so i see how long it is" and then (oh my!) i saw the folly of my ways. him and his little gap-toothed smile, that always-tousled hair... what a ridiculous thought, him in a girl's sweater! matt was, of course, glad that i came to my senses.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

She's a girl!

and here we are (the three of us) dancing to celebrate!
lucas keeps saying "bebe, bebe!" when he sees the things that we buy for little Lentil. if i didn't know any better, i would say he understands. maybe i don't know better. :)
(this doesn't have to do with my girl, but i thought i'd mention that lucas loves the kumbia kings, and has recently taken to "a-aah a-aah"ing like quintanilla himself. for those of you not acquainted with the band, it's a bird-like squawk done in syncopation with the beat. there are so many important things this big brother will teach his sister!)

Monday, February 02, 2009

This boy sho' does make his mama proud.

I don't quite remember why we named his green giraffe Putin. In all honesty, they don't have much in common. One is cuddly and one shoots tigers. With his bare hands. But then his little tiny giraffe came along, skinny and puppet-sized, and so Putin had his Medvedev. The names stuck. But did I think that they would stick for Lucas? Oh no sir, no no. So the other day when Lucas stretched out his arms and said "Putin" at bedtime, and then shrieked with happiness when his wish was granted, we were very surprised. Especially since we hadn't called the giraffe by name in months and months. Very strange! And now more words are coming out left and right. Twenty five of them! You probably think I'm lying. I'm not! I'm not even counting the ones that he says well but are used out of context. I'm talking twenty five bonafide words. Would it be fun for you to try and guess them? Probably not, right? How about just the English words, maybe? There are five of them. Go to it! (Or not. If you want, check out Putin being tough instead. Oooh. So cool.)