Monday, June 29, 2009

It was six years ago yesterday

that Matthew and I tied the knot. I was in my poofy poofy white dress with the pearls, and he was jaunty as could be in his suit. I remember "Here Comes the Bride" starting and the doors opening (or rather, almost opening) but I said "No no no! Not yet!" because I was weeping too much. It was not delicate bridely tears but full out wailing, with gasps and wheezes and those thin high-pitched noises that seep out between agonizingly long sobs. I'm saying I sounded like an Iranian funeral. Little did I know Matt had been doing the same all through the beginning of the ceremony. We are both at a bit of a loss to explain why. The music repeated and repeated and my dad showed me his dyed-blue thumb to make me laugh (which it did) and he took advantage of the moment to swing those doors open and start heading me up the aisle. I noticed then that I had no bouquet - I had somehow lost it! - so I grabbed the toss-bouquet which had been placed in a vase by the programs and headed up the aisle. I remember I was very stoic, oh so stoic. A tiny smile, little nods at people as I headed up the aisle. Poor Abby on the organ had already played through the song several times, and hung on to the last chord for the length of the aisle. Very dramatic. Added nicely to the Iranian funeral vibe. I saw Matthew with his wet eyes and that's when I felt like I could breathe. From there on out I got the giggles and apparently chatted through the wedding from what I can tell on the video, always whispering to Matt, my long veil fluttering. I remember I almost couldn't say my vows because I started laughing too hard. No idea at what. No idea. At the end, Matthew flung me over his shoulder and ran me down the aisle, white toulle like sea foam, splashing up everywhere. We got to the back and we looked at each other and we said "We're married!" And that was that. Six years ago yesterday.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

For some reason,

it is a million times easier to write about nothing than it is to write about something. When it's nothing you can just ramble and follow stray tangents and who cares? If I could, I would summarize our Father's Day celebration in some glorious prose. However, it was just that wonderful that the task has proved much too daunting. Instead, here is a picture of Matt and Flaco just after the party ended. For those of you who were there: wasn't it the best ever?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Congratulations, Lorraine!

Sometimes I pretend I've gone into labor, and I say "OHHHHH a contraction!" all doubled over, or I say "OHHHHH my water broke!" or "OHHHHH rush me to the hospital!" and then I do jazz hands, which is our signal that I'm crying wolf and not to be believed. (It was Matt who said we needed a signal. What a clever husband I have.) So I was sorely tempted to write about the birth of the twins (pictured right) in such a way that would cause everyone to think I had had my baby and that there was not one but two. However, it proved difficult to do jazz hands in a post, so here is the truth instead: Our sweet Lorraine had her kitties! We got to see them when they were only a few hours old, all tucked away nicely in the cat house my suegro made. She even lets us pick them up, much to my surprise! In this picture I think they were two or three hours old (and since Matt is leaning forward, it does no justice to their size. They are tiny, I mean tiny.) So yes, congratulations Lorraine. I look forward to the playdates our little ones will have!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Twelve days left...

And surely you know what that means. Matthew sent me twelve drummers drumming! Tomorrow come the pipers piping! Or at least this is the way I think it should be. Yes yes. The last handful of days is so very exciting, never knowing when she might come, knowing that it's soon.
Soon soon soon is all I wanted to say I think. She will be here soon. I sit every night in her room, rocking in the rocking chair, praying for her and thinking secret thoughts while Matthew sings for Flaco. When Matt's done, sometimes he tiptoes in and we pick out one of her pajamas or dresses and we set it in various places saying, "Oh look! ____ is lying on her rug!" or "Oh my! Now she's in her bouncy chair!" It's crazy because of course I remember how much it hurts, but all I can do is look forward to those first contractions starting. Soon I will wrap my arms around her and kiss her little face. Soon soon soon*.
*Unless of course she doesn't come soon, and waits an extra two weeks. That would mean I have an entire month left, which I shudder to think of. I shudder! Of course, that would give her a little bit more time to grow a nice head of hair... But no no no! Let her wear a wig!

Monday, June 15, 2009

This face can only mean one thing...

Can you figure out which one is correct?

A) A cake manifested itself!
B) He baked a cake while blindfolded, and yet it turned out beautifully!
C) His suegra baked him a homemade apple cake in honor of his graduation! And his suegro threw him a party at Steve's Pizza! And soon his educator's license will come! And that can only mean one thing -- something that he has desired as eagerly as he is shown desiring the cake -- that he is done done done done done done done done done!
The correct answer is B.
Just kidding. It's C! Congratulations Matthew! Oh, congratulations!!!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Me Copying Lucas's Fake Smile, Which Has Come a Long Way Since It Was First Debuted

Here we are pictured in the car, en route to Milwaukee again, because I am an awful liar who piles deceit upon deceit. We went again to Mona's Turkish Shawerma House Cafe (this time with my parents!) and had a lovely supper. Fortunately, Lucas stopped shrieking "Buddha lies!" before entering and we had him settled into a little booster seat where he ate like a perfect gentleman, until this couple walked in. A hipster couple, girl with tattoo sleeves down to her elbows and Lucas looks at her, and his mouth drops open, and he proclaims (as never before) "Niña, I love you! I love you, niña!" When she paid him no mind, he started to wave his little arms, trying to catch her eye. Smiling at her his toothiest, most charming smile (not unlike the one pictured here, only of course his eyes were wide open, beseeching, pleading.) How she turned away is beyond me, entirely beyond me. I would've at the least bought him a zalabia.*
*(Or bought one for myself and then eaten it thinking how cute he was. Yes, that's more like it.)

Monday, June 01, 2009

An ammendment to a despicable lie

That last thing I wrote was an utter lie. In said writing, I declared that it was our last hurrah before babygirl is born. Not so! As it turns out, we went to Milwaukee again this weekend to get more cars, and we partied like it was 1994. Oh, did we ever. Our bossman not only gave us a hotel to stay overnight, but he also gave us money to eat out! So we went to an Ethiopian restaurant where we ate out of a tall basket with no plates or silverware! And then we walked a little and ended up at Mona's Turkish Shawerma House Cafe where we had A Thousand Layers for dessert (pronounced azaozandleyers which made it extra delicious.) Before coming home, we went to Seven Mile and brought home a souvenir for Flaco and a souvenir for babygirl -- Matt picked out two baby chicks for Flaco and I picked out a pink and orange poncho for our girlie. I must say, Flaco was very pleased with his present, while girlie was a little underwhelmed. Maybe I should have brought her home a goat.