Monday, August 31, 2009

Oh Loli, what pretty ears you have!

We took Loli to get her ears pierced yesterday. Dreadfully late if you're latin (they pierce them right after birth), dreadfully early if you're a WASP. Since she's both, we figured what the heck, let's let her be dreadful on both accounts. (Oh, a terrible use of the phrase. My Loli could never be dreadful.) So here I have this blue-eyed daughter now, with her little rubies in. And next to me, this blond-haired boy, climbing on me now, saying "Me das papitas por favor?" Translating it for me into English, talking with an accent.
Let's be honest here. I'm not that latin. Had bad Spanish until my grandma moved in. I once even ate gravy on my rice. And somehow I ended up with these kids -- or at least this boy -- whose favorite singer is Olga TaƱon, who asks night and day for arroz con frejoles, who, when overwhelmed, looks up at the sky and says (of course in Spanish) "Oh Holy Father." He is like a tiny little boy version of my grandma Lola. And it makes me wonder, if Matt and I do move away and Loli ends up growing up elsewhere, will I have a latin son and a white daughter? As Lucas would say (wide-eyed, sucking in air between his teeth, shaking his head in slight disdain) "Pero vean eso."

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Auntie M, auntie M!

Lucas often says to me "Ya me voy, mamita." I say "Where are you going, Flaco?" and his most common response (other than "a Arabia Saudita!") is "a Washington!" I typed that incorrectly, in fact. When he says "a Washington" it sounds like it has at least three exclamation points after it. You can imagine his delight, then, when his auntie Megan appeared at his doorstep. Just like some kind of a fairy godmother, baking homemade bread and making bruschetta, taking him to the zoo, helping him pick blackberries... Loli was of course quite taken with her auntie as well. I think if she had a pair of red glittery shoes, she would click her little heels and go visit her auntie M forthright.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

He cracks me up.

The first time Lucas came up with a sentence all on his own (as in, not something that I taught him to say*, but something that he pieced together all by himself) we were driving in the car with a high noon sun shining down on us. He looks up at the sky and says to me "Mamita, donde esta la luna?" (Where is the moon?) I of course explained about the moon's rotation around the earth and the reflection of the sun onto it and etc. etc.** but mostly kept driving, kind of baffled that my son, my little boy, was having a conversation with me. Since then it has been interesting to see what else he has to say. For example, he likes to tell me that his Grandpa Dan is "soooo cute." He tells me when I have dirty fingernails. When he woke up this morning, the first thing he said was (in his groggy little voice) "Mamita, besa mis pies, por favor!" (Kiss my feet, please!) When we went to the zoo he saw the potbelly pig, and he ran up to it and said "Mamita! Vamos a comer chanchito!" And then, in case anyone misunderstood, he said in his more limited English "Eat it!" Earlier that day, we stood under the apple tree and he saw a bunch of rotten apples on the ground. Brown and mushy. He looks at them and says to me "Mamita, la manzana hizo caquitas!" And then he runs to his auntie Megan and says "Apple pooped***!" My favorite, though, is when he says to Loli "No llores, hermosura" which roughly translated means "Don't cry, beautifulness."
He is too much for me.
*Because of course I've taught him all kinds of ridiculous things, such as (Me:) Who is the president of Russia? (Flaco:) Medvedev! (Me:) And who is his puppet master? (Flaco:) Putin!
***I am actually embarrassed just typing that word. Go figure.